About Integrations with 3rd Party Solutions

As an open-source solution open-appsec embraces integrations with other open-source projects and already provides some additional options for integration with other 3rd party solutions.

Please note that you find the primary deployment integrations for NGINX, NGINX Ingress and Kong in the Getting Started section of this documentation.

Here's the current list of available integrations with 3rd party solutions. More will be added in the future. If you would like to suggest additional integrations let us know via the chat on the website https://www.openappsec.io .

With regards to full details about capabilities, deployment and usage of the 3rd party solutions that open-appsec integrates with, please visit that specific projects website and docs.

Available 3rd party integrations:

open-appsec bouncer support for CrowdSec

Allows open-appsec to consume CrowdSec Threat Intelligence (CTI) as provided by the CrowdSec API for additional threat prevention/detection capabilities based on IP and network based threat indicators.

pageCrowdSec Bouncer Support

open-appsec parser/scenario support for CrowdSec

Allows open-appsec logs to be evaluated by a CrowdSec parser/scenario combination so that these can be consumed by a CrowdSec agent as additional Threat Intelligence indicators within the CrowdSec ecosystem.

pageCrowdSec Intelligence Sharing Using open-appsec Parser/Scenario

open-appsec Integration with NGINX Proxy Manager

Integration of open-appsec WAF with NGINX Proxy manager, enabling NGINX Proxy Manager (NPM) users to protect their NGINX reverse proxy by easily activating and configuring open-appsec protection for each of the configured Proxy Host objects in NPM directly from the Web UI and monitor security events.

pageNGINX Proxy Manager Integration

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