Sign-Up and Login to Portal


To reach the portal browse to

If you already have an account, log in. If you don't have an account yet, click Sign up.

Please tell us how did you get to know open-appsec by selecting the appropriate option at the top of the signup form

Additional Portal Functions

Update User Data

You can add additional data about yourself such as Name, Country, etc. by clicking the user icon on the top right side and choosing User Profile.

Invite Users

You can invite additional users to the account, by clicking the user icon on the top right side and choosing Tenant Profile.

Multiple Tenants

Your user can be associated with multiple tenants. At the right side of the top banner of the open-appsec Portal it is possible to click on your user initials and open the user options menu.

Your active tenant name will be visible. Make sure the selected tenant is the tenant you want to configure.

By clicking on the arrows next to the Tenant, you will be able to select from other tenants associated with this user:

Creating another tenant for the same primary user (using the same email address) will be available soon. An existing user can already be added to other existing tenants.

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