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Welcome to the open-appsec Troubleshooting Guide. This document is designed to assist users in addressing and resolving common issues and challenges that may arise while working with open-appsec.
Please refer to the "Troubleshooting Guides" section below for a list of common challenges and their resolutions. If you encounter an issue that is not covered in this guide or have additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to reach out.

Contact us

If you encounter issues not addressed in our troubleshooting guides, please don't hesitate to contact us through our support form.
In cases of issues with your current deployment, we kindly ask you to run the following command before filling out the form.
This command will package and upload all necessary files for us to investigate your issue thoroughly. The script's output will provide you with a reference, which we kindly request you to attach to the support form.
For Docker and Kubernetes kindly attach the created files to the support form, the location of the file is in the output of the script.
Reference ID example For Linux

For Linux

open-appsec-ctl -ai --upload

For Docker

docker exec -it <OPEN-APPSEC_AGENT_CONTAINER_NAME> open-appsec-ctl -ai --upload
To get the <OPEN-APPSEC_AGENT_CONTAINER_NAME> run the following command
docker ps

For Kubernetes

kubectl exec -it <OPEN-APPSEC_AGENT_POD_NAME> -n <OPEN-APPSEC_DEPLOYMENT_NAMESPACE> -- open-appsec-ctl -ai --upload
kubectl get pods

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