Agent CLI

You can view and control the agent locally via SSH.

Reference Guide

cpnano command

The following options are available for usage of the cpnano command:


-s, --status [--extended]

Print agent status and versions

-u, --uninstall

Uninstall agent

Less relevant to a open-appsec deployment

-q, --stop-agent

Stop the agent functions

-r, --start-agent

Start the agent functions

-sp, --set-proxy

Set proxy

Relevant when the agent is located behind a proxy and a manual override of the proxy settings is required for troubleshooting purposes. Proxy settings are usually automatically set from the OS configuration

-lc <serivce name>

reload policy

orders a serivce (orchestrator, http-transaction-handler, etc) to reload it's policy


generate logs for support

this command will generate a tar file including all relevant logs needed for support cases. The locaction of the file is found at the end of the script's output. You also have an option to upload it directly to open-appsec's cloud. For Docker And K8S please run the conmmand from the agent Pod / Container (exec)

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