Create a Profile

Step 1: Create a profile

The best-practice recommendation is to create an individual profile in the WebUI for each of your open-appsec deployments. Examples of "deployments" would be e.g.:

- K8s deployment using HELM or installation tool (consisting of one or multiple open-appsec agents) - redundant deployment using Docker on two or more virtual machines (each having its own agent) protecting the same web assets - redundant Linux embedded deployment on two or more Linux machines protecting the same web assets Security-wise this makes sure that only policies for those assets that are protected by specific agents are enforced on those agents (by linking the Assets to only the relevant profile(s)), in addition to having separate tokens per each deployment and all associated agents. In addition, this approach provides the flexibility of being able to configure various settings available on the profile-level individually per each deployment, if required.

In the open-appsec WebUI create a new Profile as follows,

You will get into the related Profile page:

Step 2: Select profile "Sub Type"

Select the correct subtype for your intended open-appsec deployment on Docker (NGINX or Kong).

Step 3: Determine Management Master

Make sure Management mode is set to "This management" as shown in the screenshot below, as declarative management for open-appsec on Docker is not supported yet.

Note: Currently you cannot select the declarative mode option in the profile settings yet for open-appsec Docker installations, this will be available soon.

Step 4: Enforce Policy

Enforce policy, by clicking the button at the top right of the page.

Step 5: Copy Token

Copy the token shown in the profile by clicking the copy token option shown below. You need to provide this token in the following open-appsec installation steps on Docker:

Step 6: Install open-appsec

Follow the instructions provided here to install open-appsec, once those have been successfully performed the deployed open-appsec Agent will automatically connect to the Profile created in the steps above, and after about two minutes, you will see a green notification bar in the Web UI.

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