Setup Agent Upgrade Schedule

By default the system is set to automatically and seamlessly upgrade agents. Learn here how to configure a custom schedule instead or switch to a manual upgrade process.

Automatic upgrades are a "Premium Edition" feature of open-appsec.

The explanations provided here relate to open-appsec agent upgrades only, they are not relevant for IPS signature updates.

Configuring upgrade mode

To setup specific schedule or switch to manual upgrades only, navigate to Profiles->[select your profile]. See the Agent Upgrade section.

You can find the currently installed agent version displayed under the Agents option.

Configuring unscheduled automatic upgrades

The default upgrade mode is configured to Automatic. In this mode upgrades are performed with each release of a new agent version.

Configuring scheduled automatic upgrades

In the Day of week field select any combination of days on which you want to allow upgrades to happen.

Configure your desired upgrade window by setting the begin time in UTC in the Upgrade window starts at (UTC) field and selecting the maximum allowed upgrade window duration in the Duration field between 2 hours and 12 hours (configuration possible in two hour increments).

In the example screenshot above scheduled upgrades take place automatically between 2am and 6am only on Sundays, Thursdays and Tuesdays whenever a new upgrade is available.

Disabling automatic upgrades

In order to prevent automatic scheduled or unscheduled upgrades from happening change the upgrade mode to Manual.

This allows you to manually control the upgrade process of your deployed agents.

In order to trigger a manual upgrade hit the Upgrade Now button whenever there's a new version available that you want to install.

The Manual upgrade mode option is not recommended unless you need full manual control of all agent upgrades. Instead the recommendation is to always use Automatic or Scheduled upgrade modes to prevent the agent from not being upgraded for a significant time (= more than three months) as after this time it becomes unsupported!

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