Create Agent Profile (Docker)

This is only relevant for installing open-appsec with NGINX or Kong on Docker (or similar containerized platforms), as currently local, declarative management for open-appsec on Docker is not yet supported.

Step 1: Create a Docker profile

In the open-appsec WebUI create new Docker Profile as follows:
You will get into the related Profile page:
Profile example for Docker with sub type NGINX

Step 2: Select profile "Sub type"

Select the correct subtype for your intended open-appsec deployment on Docker (NGINX or Kong).

Step 3: Determine Management Master

Make sure Management mode is set to "This management" as shown in the screenshot below, as declarative management for open-appsec on Docker is not supported yet.
Docker management mode
Note: Currently you cannot select the declarative mode option in the profile settings yet for open-appsec Docker installations, this will be available soon.

Step 4: Enforce Policy

Enforce policy, by clicking the button at the top right of the page.
Step 5: Copy Token
Copy the token shown in the profile by clicking the copy token option shown below. You need to provide this token in the following open-appsec installation steps on Docker:
Step 6: Install open-appsec on Docker
Follow the instructions provided here to install open-appsec on Docker, once those have been successful performend the deployed open-appsec Agent container will automatically connect to the Docker Profile created in the steps above and after about two minutes, you will see a green notification bar in the Web UI.