Configuration Using Interactive CLI Tool (Ingress NGINX & Kong)

The open-appsec configuration tool supports: - open-appsec for NGINX Ingress Controller - open-appsec for Kong Gateway

The open-appsec interactive configuration tool provides an easy way to set up open-appsec policies. It creates either a manifest (YAML) or Helmchart with all the configuration that you then can apply using kubectl apply or helm install commands. This tool is available once you performed the installation with the open-appsec-k8s-install tool.

Alternatively you can also download it from here:


If you downloaded it make sure to run:

chmod +x open-appsec-config

To use the tool run:


Select [1] to setup and generate configuration files in YAML format. Then you can change, add or delete a specific rule or save your changes.

When you decide to change a rule you must then select the specific rule you want to change before you will see the options to adjust every specific setting in that rule:

Adjust the settings of the rule as required by selecting it and then Save (or Cancel if you don't want to keep the adjustments).

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