Track Agent Status

When an agent is first connected a green banner will be shown in open-appsec's web application regardless of your location within the application, informing about the agent connection and including links to the Agents or Events view.

Agents View

Go to Agents

Agents Table View

The table columns show the important details of the agent like the agents profile to which the agent has connected.

  • Latest Version - This column indicates if the agent's software version is the latest. It is recommended you always keep your agent updated as new versions are released frequently.

  • Policy Version - This column indicates the policy version. If the column is empty, it means the agent has registered but is currently being installed and has not received yet its first policy. The latest policy version can also be seen when browsing to Profiles, selecting the relevant profile and looking at the advanced tab (version is "V3" in the below screenshot):

Agent Details Card

When selecting an agent in the table, the bottom card shows more advanced details of the agent.

Disconnected agents

It is possible to toggle the view to see agents that were previously connected but have not created any communication for over 15 minutes. This can assist with troubleshooting.

A disconnected agent might also indicate the workload it has been installed on is offline, or that connectivity to Check Point cloud has been disrupted. When an agent, which should be connected, is disconnected, please verify the Web Server/Reverse Proxy that agent is installed on is live and with connectivity before additional actions.

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